ADi™ AM-450 UHF Single frequency|25W|Handheld microphone screen display

Feature of Product:

. Wide viewing angle, full dot matrix LCD display, and adjustable brightness, convenient for night use.
. There are two different working modes for amateur and professional machines to choose from.
. The button layout is reasonable and easy to operate.
. The use of high-quality materials and technology and good heat dissipation ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.
. 512 programmable memory channels, channel names can be edited for identification.
. Each channel can be set to different CTCSS / DCS signaling to reject redundant calls from other stations.
. Multiple scanning functions and CTCSS / DCS scanning function.
. Different bandwidth 25K / 20K / 12.5K can be set on each channel.
. Programmable RB / CALL function can choose three kinds of LCD backlight.
. Separate handheld microphone control and display SQL, VOL level and power supply voltage display.

[ADI original after-sales service, the product is guaranteed for one year. 】


. Frequency range: AM-450: UHF-430.000~432.000MHZ
. Memory channels: 200 groups
. Mute audio: CTCSS / DCS
. Channel spacing: 25KHz / 20KHz / 12.5KHz
. Transmitting power: 25W / 15W / 5W
. Volume power: 2W
. Sensitivity: <0.20uV (12dB SUNAD)
. Rated voltage: DC13.8V
. Working temperature: -20 degrees ~ +60 degrees
. Antenna connector: M
. Body size: 65 x 38 x 106 mm
. Hand wheat size: 110 x 30 x 14.3 mm
. Body weight: 0.51 Kg
. Standard accessories: hook screw bag, operation manual, warranty
. NCC certification: dedicated 106AR3048

Product Content:

. Car body×1
. Full-featured handheld microphone×1
. Body mount×1
. Hook screw pack×1
. Operation manual×1
. Warranty×1