ZS AITALK MT-530 25W Long Range Mini Mobile Quad Band Transceiver

‧Handy VHF UHF Dual Band Amateur Radio Transceiver
‧87.5-108MHz 136-174MHz Multi Band Radio Receivers
‧220-260MHz 350-390MHz 400-480MHz Mobile Receiver

‧It is worth nothing that this radio is quad-watch also. That it, you can monitor 4 frequencies/memory channels at once, instead of the standard 2. This is a really useful feature.

‧Quad band display, quad-standby.

‧DTMF encoding and decoding function, 2 tone/5tone

‧PTT-ID code (voice broadcasting PTT ID)

‧Mini size

‧PC program

‧External Speaker/PTT

‧Scan mode, VOX function

‧200 channels of memory

‧Time-out timer (TOT)

‧Remote stun, remote activate, remote kill

‧FM Radio 88-108Mhz WFM Mode

‧FM selection wide / narrow (25KHz, 12.5KHz)

‧Offset Repeater (Single / RPT + / RPT-)

‧Accessories:MT-530 Mobile Transceiver×1、Handheld Microphone×1、Mounting bracket×1、Mic Mounting Clip & screws×1、Power Cable with Car Cigarette Lighter Socket (12V)×1、User manual×1


TX Frequency Range:136~174MHz (VHF)、400~480MHz (UHF)

RX Frequency Range:87.5-108MHz、136~174MHz (VHF)、400~480MHz (UHF)、220-260MHz and 350-390MHz

Channel Capacity:200 Channels

Frequency stability:±2.5ppm

Operating Temperature:-20℃ ~ +60℃

Operating Voltage:13.8V DC ± 15%

Power Output:25W (HIGH) and 20W (LOW) in VHF、20W (HIGH) and 10W (LOW) in UHF

Frequencies Step:5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K

Dimensions:103 × 43 × 126mm

Weight:448g (without accessories)


Transmitter (ETSI EN300086 standard testing)

Power Output:20W(UHF) (Narrow Band);25W(VHF) (Wide Band)

Modulation:11KΦF3E (Narrow band);16KΦF3E (Wide band)

Adjacent Channel Power:≥60dB (Narrow band);≥70dB (Wide band)

Hum & Noise:≥36dB (Narrow band);≥40dB (Wide band)

Spurious Emission:≥60dB (Narrow band);≥60dB (Wide band)

Audio Response:+1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 2.55KHz) (Narrow band);+1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 3KHz) (Wide band)

Audio Distortion:≤5%


Receiver (ETSI EN300086 standard testing)

Sensitivity (12dB SINAD):≤0.35μV (Narrow band);≤0.25μV (Wide band)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity:≥60dB (Narrow band);≥70dB (Wide band)

Spurious Rejection:≥70dB (Narrow band);≥70dB (Wide band)

Audio Response:+1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 2.55KHz) (Narrow band);+1 ~ -3dB (0.3 ~ 3KHz) (Wide band)

Hum & Noise:≥40dB (Narrow band);≥45dB (Wide band)

Audio distortion:≤5%

Audio power output:≥2W