GRA-7350M Ultra-wideband car antenna|7MHz~30MHz/50MHz|260cm

. High-sensitivity sending and receiving signals
. Suitable for all climates
. Fashionable shape, meticulous material
. Antenna positions can be installed according to frequency requirements

Product Specifications

. Product name: GRA-7350M
. Transceiving sensitivity: 2.15dBi(120MHz) / 5.5dBi(1090MHz)
. Transceiver center frequency: 7MHz~30MHz/50MHz
. Form: 1/4λ shortened type (HF band), 1/4λ (50MHz band)
. Endurance: 130W (SSB)
. Impedance: 50Ω
. Length: 260cm (longest) / 134cm (shortest/50MHz band)
. Weight: 290g
. Connector: M-P male connector
. Colour: Black . Origin: Taiwan