GRA-1 Dual Frequency Car Antenna|UHF/VHF|601 Stainless Steel|86cm

. High sensitivity to send and receive signals, suitable for all climatic environments.
. Fashionable shape and meticulous material.
. Precision material, excellent flexibility!
. 601 stainless steel material-has excellent strength, corrosion resistance and machinability, suitable for the production of high-precision components for the aerospace industry and other purposes. To
. Entrusted with a Japanese antenna manufacturer, exclusive customized models.

Product Specification

. Receiving frequency: 144MHz / 430MHz (center frequency)
. Transmitting frequency: 144MHz / 430MHz (center frequency)
. Profit: 3dBi (144MHz) / 5.5dBi (430MHz)
. Endurance: 200W
. Impedance: 50Ω
. VSWR: <1.5
. Full length: 86cm
. Weight: 220g
. Connector: M-P type
. Color: silver, black
. Place of Origin: Designed in Japan, Made in Taiwan

Product Content

. GRA-1 antenna×1