GRA-10M 7-430MHz HF Wideband Scanner Whip Portable Antenna

‧Omni Discone Antenna for HF Ham Radio Transceiver
‧High Gain Vertical Whip Antenna for Transceiver HF
‧All Band Radio Whip Antenna for SDR Ttransceiver

‧The antenna is tuned by moving the rod element up and down. This assures a perfect match and a good efficiency of this antenna. Ideal for vacation and portable HF activities.
‧High quality wideband mobile antenna. It can be adjust to fit for your frequency need.
‧The coverage area and gain provided by the GRA-10M is remarkable. Whether used on HF, VHF, UHF or both, it is an asset to the communications needs of amateurs and land mobile users simultaneously.
‧It is OK to use the GRA-10M only when portable operation.
‧It is easy to adjust frequency by up-down of the rod element.
‧An antenna tuner is usually required for operation.
‧144MHz band can be operated at both 1/4 wave and 5/8 wave by the length of the rod element.
‧This product is 100% Made in Taiwan. We strive to provide you with the highest quality to meet our customers' needs.


‧Please install the antenna vertically to have better performance.
‧The SWR may be not lower than 1.5 depending on the conditions. In that case, please use the antenna tuner.

Installation Place (Example)

‧Set the bracket where the grounding earth can be taken. (Gutter mount, trunk lid etc.)
‧Install the antenna at the car roof by the magnet base.
‧Set the magnet base on the wood table and install the antenna with approx. 10m ground wire.
‧Install the antenna at the metal handrail where the ground earth can be taken.


‧Please confirm the antenna body position in the right chart.
‧Loosen the set screw as a half turn by hand. (Keep the rod element retracted.)
‧Slide the antenna body to the request frequency and fix it with the set screw by hand. Make the rod element full length.
‧* Do not use any tools such as pliers when fasten the set screw. The antenna may be damaged.
‧Transmit and measure the SWR. If the turning frequency is lower than the request frequency, make the rod element short or make the antenna body down.
‧If the turning frequency is higher than the request frequency, make the antenna body up.
‧* The SWR may be not lower than 1.5 depending on the conditions. In that case, please change the installation conditions. We also recommend using the antenna tuner.
‧When adjusting 50MHz band, put the antenna body down and make the rod element full length.
‧When adjusting 144/430MHz bands, put the radial element to M connector. Screw the antenna and fix the radial element. When adjust 144MHz band, shorten the antenna body (1/4 wave) or make the antenna body retracted.

‧Type:1/4 wave (HF)、1/4 wave (50/144MHz)、5/8 wave (144/430MHz), HF Antenna
‧Impedance:50 Ohm
‧VSWR:Less 1.5:1
‧Max Power Rating:130W
‧Length:1.515M (approx. 59.65 inch)
‧Material:Stainless Steel
‧Connector:M-P (PL-259)
‧Place of Origin:Taiwan
‧Content Includes:RH-10M 7-430MHz HF Wideband Mobile Antenna×1, Allen Wrench×1