GRA-889 Fiberglass FRP Long Range Walkie Talkie Antenna

.VHF UHF Band Antenna for Amateur Radio Transceiver
.Dual Band Car Antenna for Walky Talky 15 KM Radio
.Car Mobile Antenna for Dual Band Mobile Base Radio

‧GRA-889 is made of frp, fiberglass reinforced plastic is one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world.
‧It is manufactured by the factory that also makes Japanese OEM antennas.
‧The coverage area and gain provided by the GRA-889 is remarkable. Whether used on VHF or UHF or both, it is an asset to the communications needs of amateurs and land mobile users simultaneously.
‧It is simple to install and disassemble, suit for various occasions.
‧We provide multiple color for you to choose, with its brightly coloured and lustrous.
‧This product is 100% Made in Taiwan. We strive to provide you with the highest quality to meet our customers' needs.

‧Frequency Range:144MHz (VHF) / 430MHz (UHF)
‧Gain:3.0dBi(144MHz) / 3.8dBi(430MHz)
‧Type:1/4 wave non-radial(144MHz)、1/2λnon-radial(430MHz), Mobile Antenna
‧Impedance:50 Ohm
‧Max Power Rating:70W
‧VSWR:Less 1.5:1
‧Length:63.5cm (approx. 25 inch)
‧Material:FRP (Fiberglass)
‧Connector:M-P (PL-259)
‧Color:Black、White、Glow Pink、Glow Yellow、Metallic Indigo Blue、Metallic Water Blue、Hellaflush Sticker Bomb