GRA-D220 Discone Omni Dual Band Antenna for Two Way Radio

‧Taiwan Made Car Antenna for KENWOOD Walkie Talkie
‧High Gain Car Radio AM FM Antenna for 2 Way Radio
‧144/430MHz Antenna for Amateur Radio Transceiver

‧The GRA-D220 mobile discone antenna offers outstanding broadband reception performance from 100MHz to 1600MHz.
‧The discone design offers the best performance possible in an omni-directional antenna.
‧The upper element is tuned for the 144/440/902/1200MHz ham bands, and allows you to transmit at a maximum power level of 50 watts.
‧The antenna is recommended to be mounted on fixed antenna base or gutter mount instead of magnet mount.
‧The GRA-D220 doesn't require any ground plane. However, for your safety, fix the antenna base on the car firmly. Don't use the magnet antenna base.
‧The GRA-D220 is a wideband mobile antenna for use with handheld transceivers and scanners.
‧This product is 100% Made in Taiwan. We strive to provide you with the highest quality to meet our customers' needs.


1. Don't touch the antenna during transmitting.
2. Install the antenna within total width and length of the car and the place where is not easy reachable.
3. Don't use the magnet antenna base.
4. Bolts and screws on the antenna and antenna bracket are likely to be loosened by vibration during driving. Be sure to see if they are well fastened before operation and refasten them if needed.
5. For your safety, remove the cap from the disk element. Cap of cone elements are adhered and cap of disk elements are not adhered.
6. If GRA-D220 is too close to other antenna, VSWR may be higher. Please install the antenna from other antenna as far away as possible.
7. If the antenna is installed close to broadcasting stations, sometimes you are not able to receive the signal.

‧Frequency:TX:144/430/904/1200MHz / RX:100~1600MHz
‧Gain:2.15dbi(144/904/1200MHz) / 3.4dBi(430MHz)
‧Type:1/2λ(144MHz), 2×5/8λ(440MHz)
‧Element Phasing:Wideband Discone
‧Max Power Rating:50W
‧VSWR:Less 1.5:1
‧Length:97cm (approx. 38.19")
‧Connector:M-P / PL-259