GRA-ULT01 MK2 Lightweight Antenna Tripod UHF SO239 + 3/8" - 24 + 1/4 Camera Connector

.GRA-ULT01 is a tripod made of aluminum alloy. Give consideration to both firmness and lightness. Even on uneven grass or any dirt, it can stand very smoothly.
.The GRA-ULT01 MK2 can be installed with two connectors for antenna and camera. Designed for the GRA-7350T and other types of antennas such as mobile ham or CB mobile antennas. Instantly expand it up to full size for severe weather operations, Backpacking or any type of base installation. And you only need to take this portable tripod. Whether it's an antenna with UHF connector, an antenna with 3/8"-24 connector. (you don't need to take a lot of stands to go out), you can easily install them.

.GRA-ULT01 MK2 designed as part of a /portable /backpack /base /travel antenna system for Ham Radio. Works with Ham, Marine, Government, NGO, CAP, MARS, EmComm, Shortwave, CB, MURS, FRS, GMRS, PMR, Weather, FM, Scanner, and everything in between.

.The tripod is made of aluminum alloy. Lightweight and durable. It's very convenient to use whether it's in your own courtyard or outdoors. GRA-ULT01 MK2 is definitely the first choice as a CB radio antenna mount.

.Connector: 50 Ohm, SO239 to SO239. Minimum working size: 4.72 inch. Maximum working size: 2.6 feet. Weight: 1.1lb. Tripod material: Aluminum alloy for Aerospace. Maximum Loading Weight: 6.6lb.

Because it was warmly echoed. So we introduced an upgraded tripod. In addition to inheriting the functions of the first generation and the mount of UHF connector. The mount of 3/8-24 connector is also provided for replacement. In addition to the antenna with UHF connector, 3/8"-24 antenna can also be installed.

・Model: GRA-ULT01 MK2
・Connector: 50 Ohm, UHF*1, 3/8"-24*1, Cable connector: UHF
・Minimum working size: 4.72 inch
・Maximum working size: 2.6 feet
・Tripod material: Aluminum alloy for Aerospace.
・Weight: 1.1lb
・Maximum Loading Weight: 6.6lb
・Place of Origin:Taiwan