ICOM UT-133 Bluetooth Unit

Manufacturer: Icom
It is a Bluetooth unit for Bluetooth connection with a Bluetooth compatible product (Bluetooth headset VS-3 / commercially available Android terminal) attached to a radio.
Supported models: ID-5100/ID-5100D/ID-5100E/IC-2730/IC-2730D/IC-2730A

Applicable standard: Bluetooth Ver 3.0 compliant
Transmission output: Class 1
Corresponding profile: HFP, HSP, SPP
Maximum Number of Pairing Devices: 8 (A combination of Headset and Data Terminal can be used up to 8 units, but it can not be used with 8 headsets or 8 data terminals only.)
External dimensions: 20.0 (W) x 35.0 (H) x 5.3 (D) mm (including connector / module)
Weight: Approx 3 g
Device name: ICOM BT - 001 (default setting)
Bus key: 0000