MB-130 Universal Quick Release Antenna Mounting Bracket

.Top 2018 Stainless Steel Antenna Bracket for Car
.Excellent CB Antenna Mount for Car Mobile Vehicle
.Trending Car Bracket for Mobile Radio Transceiver

‧This MB-130 stainless steel antenna mount offers outstanding performance on mobile antennas.
‧Special design with quick release handle, easy to remove and install, which includes a latching mechanism that allows for one-handed disassemble.
‧There's no need to worry about the thief would steal your important equips, all you need to do is pull up the quick release bar and throw it into the trunk.
‧Can withstand 2 meters mobile antenna, with the durable construction for bearing capacity.
‧The capability of weight bearing can reach 800g maximum.
‧Multi angle adjustment and can pitch 540 degree (360+180), 2-axis adjustable.
‧The protection rubber pad helps you to prevent the small damage, no need to worry about your precious car would get a scratch. Before the installation, be sure to use alcohol pad to wipe out all the dust on the surface.
‧This product is 100% Made in Taiwan. We strive to provide you with the highest quality to meet our customers' needs.

‧Structure:Multi angle
‧Usage:For CB/Ham radio antennas
‧Material:Stainless steel
‧Type:Quick release antenna mount
‧Antenna Rotation Degree:540 degree (360+180), 2-axis adjustable
‧Dimension:70 × 40 × 72mm
‧Weight:approx. 199g
‧Weight Bearing:2M (Maximum) / under 0.8kg
‧Connector Type:SO239
‧Color:Iron grey
‧Place of Origin:Taiwan
‧Content Includes:MB-130 Quick Release Antenna Mounting Bracket×1, Allen Wrench×2, Allen Screws Sets×1