MB-160 Antenna Mount Bracket for Motorcycle License Plate

.Stainless Steel Outdoor Antenna Bracket for Scooter
.Performance Motorbike Mounting Bracket Holder
.Multi Angle Adjustment License Plate Mount Bracket

‧This MB-160 license plate stainless steel antenna mount offers outstanding performance on mobile antennas, with its firmly material that can hold on motorcycle plate perfectly.
‧Can withstand 1 meters mobile antenna, with the durable construction for bearing capacity.
‧The capability of weight bearing can reach 350g maximum.
‧Multi angle adjustment and can pitch 540 degree (360+180), 2-axis adjustable.
‧This product is 100% Made in Taiwan. We strive to provide you with the highest quality to meet our customers' needs.

‧Structure:Multi angle
‧Usage:For CB/Ham radio antennas
‧Material:Stainless steel
‧Type:License plate antenna mount
‧Antenna Rotation Degree:540 degree (360+180), 2-axis adjustable
‧Dimension:133 × 41 × 32.5mm
‧Weight:approx. 93g
‧Weight Bearing:1M (Maximum) / under 0.35kg
‧Connector Type:SO239
‧Color:Iron grey
‧Place of Origin:Taiwan
‧Content Includes:MB-160 License Plate Antenna Mounting Bracket×1, Allen Wrench×2, Allen Screws Sets×1