GRM-EM7 12 Volt DC Motorized Antenna Lift for Commercial Vehicle, RV, Ham Radio Base Station

  • Effortlessly raise and lower your antenna with the RVMotorized Antenna Lift.

  • Perfect for large vehicles like RVs, campers, and trucks.

  • Comes complete with an actuator already mounted on the base, an easy-to-use switch, and a 29.5ft control cable.

  • Supports antennas up to 1.14 inches (2.9cm) in diameter.

  • 12V input voltage provides reliable power.

  • Enjoy full range of motion with an antenna rotation of 0-90 degrees.

  • Compact size (11.89inch x 4.92inch x 5.51inch / 30.2cm x 12.5cm x 14cm) won't take up valuable space on your vehicle.

  • Lightweight (6.6lb / 2.990kg) for easy installation and mobility.

  • Long 29.5ft (9m) power cable for convenient placement.

  • Supports up to 9.8ft (3m) (maximum) or under 3.3lb (1.5kg) with the sturdy stainless steel material.

Our amateur radio base station electric antenna lift is effortless to install, making it perfect for larger vehicles like RVs, campers, and trucks.

  • You can even mount it on your roof and easily raise or lower your antenna, while keeping it hidden away when not in use.

Convenient and Compact


  • Equipped with a starter installed on the base, this electric antenna lift is easy to use with a switch and a 29.5-foot control cable.
  • Its maximum diameter is 1.14 inches (2.9cm), and it operates on a reliable 12V power supply with a plug designed for use in the United States.
  • Please check compatibility before purchasing as sockets and voltages may differ in other countries.





Strong and Space-Saving


  • Made from sturdy stainless steel, this antenna lift can support up to 9.8 feet (3m) or under 3.3 pounds (1.5kg).
  • Its compact size (11.89 x 4.92 x 5.51 inches / 30.2 x 12.5 x 14cm) won't take up valuable space on your vehicle, making it a perfect addition to any mobile setup.


  • Input Voltage: 12V
  • Antenna Rotation Degree: 0-90 degrees
  • Size: 30.2cm x 12.5cm x 14cm (approximately 11.89 inches x 4.92 inches x 5.51 inches)
  • Weight: 2.990kg (approximately 6.59 pounds)
  • Power Cable Length: 9M (approximately 354.33 inches, approximately 29.5 feet)
  • Weight Bearing: 3M (Maximum, approximately 9.84 feet) / under 1.5kg (approximately 3.31 pounds)
  • Color: Silver