SG-M506 136-174MHz/400-470MHz Car Antenna for Walkie-Talkie

.Amateur Radio VHF UHF Omni Antenna for 2 Way Radio
.Omnidirectional Tiltable Whip Antenna for Toki Voki
.Taiwan Made Whip Antenna for BaoFeng Two Way Radio

‧It is design for the mobile whip antenna which emphasizes to go along well with recent aerodynamic car design.
‧This antennas are individually tested to insure proper compatibility with your radio and frequencies.
‧Avoid antennas that are not properly tested or tuned, which can cause high SWR and damage to your radio.
‧It is for amateur use. Please transmit on the amateur bands.
‧Extend the range of your communication. The longer the antenna is the better the antenna is capable of boosting weak frequencies.
‧Omnidirectionally tiltable whip structure enables the antenna to be tilted for any direction by pulling the whip element section lightly. And it eliminates troublesome antenna detachment when your car is parked in the garage.
‧It is simple to install and disassemble, suit for various occasions.
‧This product is 100% Made in Taiwan. We strive to provide you with the highest quality to meet our customers' needs.

Since those set screws being used throughout the antenna may be loosened due to the vibration during driving, they have to be refastened from time to time after several drives especially the antenna is right off from the package.
Do not drive the car with the antenna titled, since whip element moves freely when the antenna is tilted.
Be careful not to be bit your finger into the tiltable whip section when the antenna is being used.