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. Ultra-wideband 2-3000MHz frequency band, high-sensitivity sending and receiving signals, suitable for all kinds of full-frequency walkie-talkies, car machines
. Easy to install, suitable for all climatic environments.
. FRP material, meticulous and stylish.
. Suitable for all full-frequency walkie-talkies and cars (applicable to N-P type connectors).
. The antenna connector can be customized, welcome to inquire.
. Made in Taiwan Made in Taiwan

Model: GRA-7350T
Frequency: 3.5/7~30/50MHz
Wattage: 130W
Ohm value: 50Ω
Weight: 0.34KG
Length: 52.5/2.6M
Connector type: M

. High-sensitivity sending and receiving signals
. Suitable for all climates
. Fashionable shape, meticulous material
. Antenna positions can be installed according to frequency requirements